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Sissy & Kate—-The Beach


the girls slipped from their flip-flops and grabbed the bright yellow beach towel by the corners. it hovered high over the sand, then settled.  sissy had umbrella duty since she was stronger and larger than her sister.

kate looked out to survey the ocean.  the sun snapped orange-blue off  the high of the choppy water.  she jut her thumbs under the thin straps of her brown gauzy sun dress sliding down the bodice to her waist. at that moment her hat flew off and the sun beat her flowing hair as it came down, drizzling over her shoulder and back. wayward strands gently purred over her breasts.  she continued to undress slipping it over her hips and letting it puddle around her feet.

“Sissy are you gonna take off your, – I’m going in the water.” the nude beach gave kate a new look at her self. her self-esteem began to shine and she stood up straight, just as her mother used to tell her to do constantly, but she never did.  kate swayed as she moved one foot in front of the other down toward the shore line. she reached the green white foam which engulfed her toes and felt her feet sink slowly into the sand each time the water slid up and back to the ocean. kate bent down to claim a shell. the water rolled and peaked as she bored a hole with her toe. it disappeared for the moment, then appeared again as the water was sucked out again with a great strength.

Kate emerged from the water cool and refreshed. she spotted sissy staring at nothing. her mouth hung open, her bottom lip hung so far down, kate giggled to herself.  she never really looked at sissy, not hardly as much as sissy looked at her.  sissy wrinkled her tiny nose. “well,” she said to kate,her full lips bare of lipstick, “where do you want to sit?”  she protected her large brown eyes from the sun by using her hand as a visor.

the sun which bore down with its unbearable glaring intensity was being felt by the girls already, even at the early time. the sand had the texture of fine powder and stuck to wet feet like glue.

one inch to the right of their beach sat Hallandale beach loaded up with elders. “early in the day for so hot a sun,” kate scanned the beach. there were always some  people she knew from her early nude beach visits with her lover.