Sissy and Kate : Almost to Him


It had to be three o’clock the giant white poodle clouds punched and grew in the crystal blue sky.  Not long to wait before water fell from the white and grey floating dogs.

The girls walked toward the foodshack where hot dogs and soda were sold.  Nude bodies stood together in a straggled line.  Kate wanted a drink something fierce.  She tried every day to push the lion living in her quiet and away.   Feeling eyes on her, Kate looked over her shoulder. he stood against the shack white wash watching her. She caught her breath and bit inside the bottom of her lip.  The breath trapped inside her escaped with a whoosh. Her tongue felt weirdly cold and her feet were pounding.  A slow wet heat attacked her forehead and the top of her lip.  Her heart was pounding, she couldn’t look away, so she smiled.  What else could she do?  What she wanted was to walk in front of him, take his neck and pull his face to hers.  He was sunning.  Sissy noticed him as well but Kate took it for granted and without thinking, he was to young for Sissy

His eyes entwined with hers.  My God, she thought, we’re having sex right here.  Now.

Sissy gave her sister a shove, “Kate, you are in a trance for God sake.”

Kate felt the tie breaking and hoped the wet wouldn’t drip down her legs.  “Boy, could I go for a beer.”  Her long pink finger nails caught a piece of hair, looked up at him and the hair worked its way into her mouth.


About debrabellink

I swim in an artistic pool. I write, paint and create jewelry. History, psychology, and all genres of reading material line my bookshelves. I have several manuscripts lying in many baskets. I hope to publish a work of non-fiction sometime, within this year.. that is my goal. I procrastinate... ALOT. Having a desperate and lethal addiction to the 'arts', sometimes it appears to others as though I am missing a floor... don't you believe it. LOL.

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