Sissy and Kate : Almost to Him


It had to be three o’clock the giant white poodle clouds punched and grew in the crystal blue sky.  Not long to wait before water fell from the white and grey floating dogs.

The girls walked toward the foodshack where hot dogs and soda were sold.  Nude bodies stood together in a straggled line.  Kate wanted a drink something fierce.  She tried every day to push the lion living in her quiet and away.   Feeling eyes on her, Kate looked over her shoulder. he stood against the shack white wash watching her. She caught her breath and bit inside the bottom of her lip.  The breath trapped inside her escaped with a whoosh. Her tongue felt weirdly cold and her feet were pounding.  A slow wet heat attacked her forehead and the top of her lip.  Her heart was pounding, she couldn’t look away, so she smiled.  What else could she do?  What she wanted was to walk in front of him, take his neck and pull his face to hers.  He was sunning.  Sissy noticed him as well but Kate took it for granted and without thinking, he was to young for Sissy

His eyes entwined with hers.  My God, she thought, we’re having sex right here.  Now.

Sissy gave her sister a shove, “Kate, you are in a trance for God sake.”

Kate felt the tie breaking and hoped the wet wouldn’t drip down her legs.  “Boy, could I go for a beer.”  Her long pink finger nails caught a piece of hair, looked up at him and the hair worked its way into her mouth.


Sissy and Kate : Him


The girls were never close, though Sissy would say different.  There was a deep complexity to their sisterly relationship.  They loved each other, but the distance was too deep for them to like each other.  Jealousy and fear in Sissy’s soul pulled them apart.

Sissy had her father’s form.  Stocky, she had smooth, olive skin, large, brown eyes and dark hair.  At times she could be beautiful.  Kate had her mother’s form.  Slim  with long sultry legs, blonde hair and green eyes, clearly a beauty.  Kate wanted impossibly to have her sister as a friend.  Only God and she knew how badly she wanted this, and only they knew how hard she tried.

Sissy watched her beautiful and loved sister.  Their mother played a huge part in pulling them apart. Sissy took care of mother… to be fair, they both took care of her, but Sissy more so, and rightly so after the horrors she had put mother through, the entire family lived with Sissy’s psychosis.  At the end mother didn’t recognize Sissy, but she knew Kate. Kate, mother’s love child.   Sissy turned away from Kate.  Jealousy rose in her throat like bile.  it was bitter and tasted like rotting garbage.  Bastard, well at least Sissy had her father’s love, or so she thought.  She fell asleep as she usually did at the beach.

“Sissy”, Kate dipped her hand into the iced water inside the foam cooler and ran one long finger up her sister’s arm.

“Yeah”, Sissy squinted one brown bloodshot eye at her while she wiped the melted water from her skin.

“There isn’t anything left to eat in the cooler, let’s go get something up there at that white shack looking place.”


“Yeah?”  Kate squealed with delight. She leaped from her squat, sand rubbing and shifting under her feet.

“Such a child.”

“Why does everyone say that?”  Annoyed.

“Maybe ’cause it’s true ?”

Kate wanted to kick sand  in Sissy’s face.  Thinking the better of it she drove her foot through to the deep, cool sand. “Hey, you know what’s weird. Sitting on the toilet in the beach bathroom knowing the deep ocean is right out there.”

“A little, yeah.”  Sissy’s eyes were blank.  She was gone, again, and most of the time.  Kate watched as her sister turned into someone else.  The problem was…who?  Haughty, cocky, or aggressive.  The depressive was the hardest to deal with, but there’d been a plus to the depressive.  It never tried to kill her.


Sissy & Kate—-The Beach


the girls slipped from their flip-flops and grabbed the bright yellow beach towel by the corners. it hovered high over the sand, then settled.  sissy had umbrella duty since she was stronger and larger than her sister.

kate looked out to survey the ocean.  the sun snapped orange-blue off  the high of the choppy water.  she jut her thumbs under the thin straps of her brown gauzy sun dress sliding down the bodice to her waist. at that moment her hat flew off and the sun beat her flowing hair as it came down, drizzling over her shoulder and back. wayward strands gently purred over her breasts.  she continued to undress slipping it over her hips and letting it puddle around her feet.

“Sissy are you gonna take off your, – I’m going in the water.” the nude beach gave kate a new look at her self. her self-esteem began to shine and she stood up straight, just as her mother used to tell her to do constantly, but she never did.  kate swayed as she moved one foot in front of the other down toward the shore line. she reached the green white foam which engulfed her toes and felt her feet sink slowly into the sand each time the water slid up and back to the ocean. kate bent down to claim a shell. the water rolled and peaked as she bored a hole with her toe. it disappeared for the moment, then appeared again as the water was sucked out again with a great strength.

Kate emerged from the water cool and refreshed. she spotted sissy staring at nothing. her mouth hung open, her bottom lip hung so far down, kate giggled to herself.  she never really looked at sissy, not hardly as much as sissy looked at her.  sissy wrinkled her tiny nose. “well,” she said to kate,her full lips bare of lipstick, “where do you want to sit?”  she protected her large brown eyes from the sun by using her hand as a visor.

the sun which bore down with its unbearable glaring intensity was being felt by the girls already, even at the early time. the sand had the texture of fine powder and stuck to wet feet like glue.

one inch to the right of their beach sat Hallandale beach loaded up with elders. “early in the day for so hot a sun,” kate scanned the beach. there were always some  people she knew from her early nude beach visits with her lover.